Terms & Condition

Depending on the package you chose, we provide revisions. Customers have the option to request as many free revisions as they would like but depends on the package they ordered. We give priority to delivering our clients the greatest services possible, and we’ll keep changing until your needs are fulfilled.

If the design concepts remain the same, you have no obligation to pay additional costs. Within 48 hours, you’ll receive a new version of your logo. While all website redesigns will be provided within 24 hours, all revisions to web development will take between 24 and 48 hours to be delivered (depending on how complicated the revision is).

The turnaround time for revisions on illustrative logos (logos featuring an illustration element or an illustrated design) is 48 hours.

Refund Policy / Money Back Guarantee

Refund policy will be valid if;

  • If the refund request is made within 24 hours, you would be eligible for 100% refund (no service & processing fee). 100% Money Back Guarantee!
  • If the refund request is made after 5 days of the initial design concept delivery, you would be eligible for 40% refund of full amount (no service & processing fee).

Note: You won’t have any rights to use the designs or concepts after the refund; they will belong only to LogoDesignServiceUK. The designs will legally belong to the company. Usage of any material after the refund will lead the customer to legal activities.

Refund policy will be void if;

  • You have chosen our “Corporate” All in One Package.
  • The initial design concept has been approved.
  • Change of Mind (very common reason but not accepted or entertained).
  • Hired another freelancer or designer.
  • Investors canceled or canceled their investment.
  • You have demanded an unlimited revisions in a limited package.
  • The decision to cancel was taken for non-company-related reasons.
  • The business has closed or updated their name or business.
  • Demanding a design which could violate the other brand identity could lead to IPR Infringement.
  • The customer will not be entertained to any refund for logo after 60 days, and for website after 120 days, from the date of purchase. But don’t worry our professional team are always ready to help you to get rid from any designing-related problems.

Getting a Refund Process

Following steps have been taken to claim your refund;

  • Immediately email us at info@logodesignservice.co.uk for quick response.
  • LIVE CHAT is the best option to get your refund at a same time. Our dedicated customer support is online 24/7 to answer all of your confusions and queries, our dedicated team will answer you shortly.
  • Send a text message or call on +44 7456 399775 with your order number and email address and our dedicated customer support initiated a refund shortly.
  • As soon as we receive your refund request, we will respond to it on an immediate basis, once the customer is eligible for refund, we will initiate the process.

Our Delivery Policy

  • Turnaround time is the period of time from when you provide your design thoughts to your account area and when you make your package purchase.
  • The turnaround time ranges from 24 hours to 48 hours for all orders for new logos.
  • Every design concept files are delivered to Account Area as per the date specified on the Order Confirmation Email.
  • An e-mail is also sent to inform the client about their design concept order delivery made to their specific account area.
  • All revision and refund rules depend on the date and hours, the client’s account area received the design order.
  • Shortly after the order is placed, we give the customer a design order reference number so they can check the progress of the order and post changes against the concept.
  • For only $50 more, you may use our RAPID DELIVERY service to have your first logo concepts in less than 24 hours. Contact us at our 24-Hour Customer Service Center for more information.

Quality Assurance Policy

  • We make every effort to satisfy your needs, and our designers make every effort to live up to your expectations.
  • We are committed to offering the greatest designs, and each one of them has been carefully thought out and created with SATISFACTION GUARANTEE OF 100%.
  • We have an unlimited revisions policy to guarantee your complete satisfaction.
  • Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations, and we work hard to do so.

Note: The number of revisions we do will depend on your package, but we won’t stop until you’re fully satisfied with your design.

Record Maintenance

LogoDesignServiceUK keeps the records of post designs up to four months after the project deliverance so that in case of any misplaced order, you will be provided the exact file on the same day.

Dedicated Customer Support 24/7

Our dedicated customer support team is always available 24/7 for solving your designing-related queries. Just email us and we will back to you in a moment.

Communication Policy

Any correspondence sent through a platform other than “info@logodesignservice.co.uk” or any phone numbers that are not provided by us or listed on our official website will not be the responsibility of LogoDesignServiceUK. We disclaim any responsibility for any harm caused by third-party contact information. All of the information made visible through our official websites is fully our responsibility.